We Lead by Example.

From durability requirements to marketing support and patent counsel, Microban® supplies turnkey solutions to help partners seamlessly deploy new antimicrobial solution technologies.

Leading Ingredient Brand

Microban International is the global leader in built-in antimicrobial protection. With 46% brand awareness, which is more than twice all other antimicrobial companies polled, the Microban brand is a valuable Trustmark that will reassure your partners they’re getting durable and effective antimicrobial protection.


Microban partners frequently enjoy category and/or territory exclusivity. The Microban brand is a valuable point of differentiation that generates an enduring competitive advantage in the marketplace.

High Return On Investment

When compared with alternative value creation strategies, such as increased advertising, line extensions and new product launches, incorporating Microban antimicrobial protection into your products is a high ROI opportunity. 

Retailer Familiarity

With 59% B2B brand awareness, retailers around the world recognize the power of the Microban brand, recognition our partners are leveraging to bring value to their consumers and their retail partners. The Microban brand can be found on more than 1,000 products of leading manufacturers with distribution at major food, drug and home improvement retailers.

Complete Solution

Microban gets you to market quickly and effectively by providing you with turnkey support, including technical development, regulatory assistance, patent counsel and marketing support

Technology Neutral

Microban utilizes a broad range of antimicrobial technologies to meet the specific needs of your product application. We’ll evaluate your efficacy requirements, manufacturing processes, product usage conditions and durability needs to find the right antimicrobial solution for your unique product.

Low Risk

Over 250 smart companies are leveraging the Microban brand as an important point of differentiation to help grow their businesses. We can provide you with case studies, testimonials and best practices of Microban partners who have already experienced the power of our brand.

Partner Satisfaction

Microban wins when our partners win, so we're dedicated to providing all of our partners with the support they need to succeed. Among businesses polled, Microban led in brand awareness, brand satisfaction and likelihood to recommend.