Why Choose Us

We lead by example. From durability requirements to marketing support and patent counsel, Microban supplies turnkey solutions to help partners seamlessly deploy new antimicrobial solution technologies.


In every business and in every category, there can be only one leader. For over 30 years, Microban has been leading the way in odor control and antimicrobial solutions for footwear, apparel and textile partners. Our innovations have set the standards for the category and continue to be the gold standard in the textile industry. Beyond that, our philosophy of partnership has enabled us to seamlessly integrate our products with our partner’s-- anytime, anywhere - so that their lives and their activities are enhanced rather than hindered.

Our solutions provide confidence; for the end user, and for our partners.   

That’s what leaders do. Inspire confidence. Innovate product advancements. Grow business.   

That’s how Microban has spent the past 30+ years. And it’s how we will be spending the future.