Wound Dressings

Better Antimicrobial Protection for Better Healing.


Proper wound care is essential to the prevention of surgical site infections like those caused by MRSA and VRE. 

Wound dressings need to maintain a moist environment for optimal healing. At the same time, they need to create a barrier against harmful bacteria.

Microban provides continuous antimicrobial protection that prevents proliferation of bacteria on and in the dressing. And our innovative technologies are effective against a broad range of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. Plus, our formulations are incorporated into FDA-approved wound dressings during the manufacturing process. 

Expertise in a Highly Regulated Field.

Disinfectant and health claims and applications require finished products to be registered with the EPA under FIFRA. And they may also require clearance as medical devices by the FDA before they can be placed on the market.

It’s important to note that treated article applications cannot claim antimicrobial protection beyond protection of the product itself from antimicrobial stains, odors and/or deterioration. They are not designed to protect users against illness or as a substitute for normal cleaning or hygiene practices.

Microban has the resources and industry experience you need to help navigate these complexities and to realize custom-engineered solutions for wound dressings and many other products for the healthcare sector.

Microban technologies are not designed to protect users against illness, and Microban makes no claims as such. Normal cleaning and hygiene practices should always be maintained.