Medical Textiles

Give Bacteria a Poor Prognosis.


Frequent use combined with infrequent cleaning can cause lab coats to harbor stain and odor-causing bacteria. Antimicrobial fabric is our solution.

Microban® offers antimicrobial fabrics and other medical textiles that prevent those bacteria from ever taking root. With our antimicrobial solutions, hospitals, doctor offices and urgent care centers enjoy maximized microbial protection.

Our experienced team works with mills in order to streamline antimicrobial applications through padding, exhaustion or other methods. Throughout our product development cycle, we encourage open communication with each partner. Those discussions allow our engineering team to better plan and design antimicrobial fabric solutions. Extensive testing and experimentation enable our chemists to identify the ideal additive for your specific line. After masterbatch production, Microban continues to support our partners with patent counseling and marketing support.

Expertise in a Highly Regulated Field.

Disinfectant and health claims and applications require finished products to be registered with the EPA under FIFRA. They may also require clearance as medical devices by the FDA before they can be placed on the market. It’s important to note that treated article applications cannot claim antimicrobial protection beyond protection of the product itself from antimicrobial stains, odors and/or deterioration. They are not designed to protect users against illness or as a substitute for normal cleaning or hygiene practices. Microban has the resources and industry experience you need to realize custom-engineered solutions within the healthcare sector.

Microban technologies are not designed to protect users against illness, and Microban makes no claims as such. Normal cleaning and hygiene practices should always be maintained.