Clothing That Works Overtime.

Uniforms, especially those in the healthcare and foodservice industries, experience extensive exposure to microbial contaminated environments.


For that reason, the robust antimicrobial protection available from Microban is ideally suited for the demanding industries, as the technology is effective against a wide spectrum of micro-organisms is durable enough to withstand standard washing practices. 

It’s little wonder that in a recent study over 80% of foodservice operators indicated an interest in having Microban antimicrobial protection incorporated into foodservice uniforms. 

From the planning phase to patent counseling, Microban stands behind their partners. We collaborate heavily with clients during the planning stage, after which our engineers experiment with numerous formulations to determine which mixture of chemical properties your antimicrobial cloth technologies need. As the product development phase comes to a close, Microban begins assisting clients with regulatory approvals and patent counseling.