Microban Expands Scentry for Polymers

Apr 13, 2016

HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. (April 13, 2016) – Building upon the launch of Scentry, the odor capture product platform for textiles, Microban International Ltd., the global leader in built-in antimicrobials, today introduced Scentry® for Polymers that eliminates unpleasant odors in recycled plastics, resins and rubbers. Scentry for Polymers neutralizes material odors to improve production conditions for factory workers and to help create better products before they are incorporated into consumer and commercial goods. Depending on the manufacturer’s specific needs, Scentry for Polymers can be dual-functioning, combining odor capture and an antimicrobial to help fight against stain-and odor-causing bacteria and product degradation. Scentry for Polymers is safe for humans, animals and the environment and is nontoxic.

Recycled plastics, resins and rubbers have a tendency to smell due to previous applications on the product and they can have entrained organic materials that eventually emit an unpleasant odor. Scentry for Polymers additives are incorporated during the manufacturing process and absorb the odor generated by recyclables, and attracts the odors “like a magnet,” according to the scientists at Microban that engineered the technology. The additives vary depending on the material and pore size molecular characteristic of the odor in the polymer since each material harbors different odors. Scentry for Polymers is designed to be used across a range of applications where chemical additives and/or processing conditions introduce an unwanted odor into a polymer stream including Polyolefins and rubbers. This technology provides multiple benefits to both consumers and manufacturers. For consumers, Sentry technology has been shown to provide a 10x reduction in odors produced by recycled materials used in consumer products such as trash bags, trash cans, flooring, plastic storage containers and footwear just to name a few. As an added benefit, Sentry technology dramatically reduces odors produced by off gassing during the manufacturing process which creates a safer work environment.

“We developed Scentry for Polymers for our partners seeking a solution for foul odors that can develop during the manufacturing process with recycled materials,” said Dr. Burke Nelson, director of materials engineering at Microban International. “The chief benefits are better consumer products without potentially odd smells that are associated with recycled components and improved working conditions for manufacturers. This technology is the first step in addressing this problem and we plan to adapt this solution to other materials in both the consumer and commercial space.”

Microban® has used its comprehensive in-house testing facilities to test Scentry for Polymers. Odor panels evaluate plastics that have been treated with Scentry for Polymers with products that have not. Microban analytical lab measures and compares Scientists then track both, comparing the agents that cause foul smells that are released by the products before, during and after processing.

About Microban

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