Marketing Support

Communicating the Benefits


Marketing Products with Antimicrobial Coverage Technology

The Microban® brand is a trustmark, delivering durable and effective built-in antimicrobial coverage. Microban provides extensive marketing support to help ensure the success of our new partners. Your Microban marketing representative can provide assistance on recommended product claims, sales training materials, and packaging concepts as well as a variety of other tools that will help you communicate the benefits of Microban antimicrobial coverage to your partners. Our antimicrobial coverage packages help you effectively launch the Microban benefit in your product.

Microban also has an extensive library of quantitative and qualitative market research across a breadth of product categories and consumer groups. This research helps us provide our partners with the knowledge needed to deliver expert claims guidance, as well as insight into potential market strategies for leveraging Microban antimicrobial coverage. The Microban marketing team also conducts custom research for partners to acquire category specific knowledge, which in turn can help with selling the Microban brand and antimicrobial benefits to their partners. Perhaps the most important type of learning comes from other Microban partners who are leveraging the power of the Microban brand in their products today. We facilitate learning among partners by capturing partner best practices and lessons learned from a growing number of partners around the world so quality antimicrobial coverage can feed further innovation.

Consult our case studies page to learn more about how the Microban brand is leveraging the market through support and innovation.