Microclean® Visibly Clean Technologies – A True Clean, For Less Stress

With Microclean technology’s durable protection, products like plastics, concretes, grouts, and ceramics are easier to clean and stay visibly cleaner.


Are you ready for a visible and long-lasting clean? If so, Microclean® visibly clean technologies may be your first step to a true clean on surfaces, like stainless steel, plastics, paint, and more.

A Built-In Clean, Built to Last 

Microban® offers a variety of surface modification technologies that are built-in or coated on to products. These targeted solution technologies, like Microclean, are applied during the manufacturing process and becomes an important attribute that helps improve visible cleanliness and make products easier to clean. 

Microban advanced technologies are suitable on a range of products from plastics, concrete, cementitious grout and stainless steel to ceramics, powder-coated steel, and paint. Applying Microclean technology does not disrupt the appearance or durability of the product and maintains a product’s UV stability. Technologies are available for both indoor and outdoor use.

Microclean Products = Less Stress

Visible cleanliness is an important attribute for any surface. The ability to clean a surface is dependent on the surface characteristics which can be manipulated to result in surfaces that repel multiple substrates, such as oil and water.

Microban innovative omniphobic, superomniphobic, and omni repellant coatings are not like traditional sprayed on products that aren’t durable, but rather incorporated into the product to provide extended protection. In addition to oil and water, these coatings can repel dust, graffiti, and reduce the adhesion of fungus on the surface. Microclean also creates a lotus effect making them easier to clean.

A Redefined Clean

While a visible cleanliness is important, Microclean technologies can be combined with Microban proven antimicrobial technologies, such as SilverShield®, providing a true clean. Products featuring both Microclean and Microban antimicrobial technologies will not only stay visibility cleaner but will fight the growth of bacteria on the product, creating peace of mind for the end user.