Versatility In Antimicrobial Liquid Product Development Technology

For a diverse array of powder coatings and liquid finishes on the market, Microban® helps partnered companies implement protective antimicrobial liquid technology into their product lines. These solutions can be used to coat everything from gym equipment to lockers for extended cleanliness protection. Our cutting-edge antimicrobial liquid product technologies and vast engineering capabilities are versatile enough to conform to any product’s attributes. Through strategic planning, custom engineering and effective development practices, Microban drives efficient liquid product development.

When planning an antimicrobial liquid technology project, the Microban product development team encourages healthy communication with clients to identify efficacy goals and consumer demands. A product’s environments, intended purposes and useful lifetime expectancy can all effect how an antimicrobial liquid project is planned and designed. When the design phase kicks off, our talented chemists in Microban labs take over for formula testing and experimentation. The main focus during this stage is to finalize a unique antimicrobial liquid compound that solidifies proper microbial product protection and satisfies your market’s demands for cleaner, longer lasting products.

After identifying the best-fitting solution, our development team helps companies implement their newfound antimicrobial liquid product technology additive into their production process. While ensuring antimicrobial performance, product compatibility and durability requirements are satisfactory, Microban also assists with patent counseling and marketing support. With Microban by your side, you can transform your liquid and powder coatings into microbe-resistant products for increased market value and a refreshed catalog.