Microbiology Lab


Bacteria & Mold Testing Labs

With a state-of-the art microbiology lab, mold testing lab and an experienced microbiology staff, Microban® provides partners with rapid turn-around times on antimicrobial testing, shortened development periods and increased speed to market timelines. One of the industry’s leading bacteria and mold testing labs, the microbiologists at Microban perform over 20,000 tests annually using industry standard testing methods designed for a wide range of product substrates and antimicrobial technologies. Examining these angles through mold lab testing helps our microbiologists continue designing antimicrobial solutions for cleaner, fresher, stain and odor-resistant products.

Bacteria Testing Lab

The Bacteria Testing Lab performs a wide range of qualitative and quantitative industry standard test methods to validate antimicrobial efficacy. In our bacteria testing labs, samples are evaluated for performance against both Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria to ensure broad spectrum performance.

Mold Testing Lab

The Mold Testing Lab performs a wide range of industry standard mold lab testing methods to validate antifungal efficacy. Samples can be evaluated utilizing nutrient challenge protocols or in the fungal chamber, which simulates environmental conditions.