Antimicrobial Testing


Antimicrobial Test Labs

At Microban, all of our antimicrobial technologies undergo thorough lab testing prior to deployment. This antimicrobial testing enables us to continually research and develop new technologies, assess the effectiveness of our solutions, and support our partners.

In order to ensure that our antimicrobial applications are durable and effective, we conduct over 30,000 microbiological and analytical antimicrobial tests annually. Our state-of-the-art microbiology lab facilities and our experienced microbiology team allow us to conduct tests for a wide range of product substrates. At Microban, our antimicrobial test labs enable us to provide our partners with quick turn-around times on antimicrobial testing and development for increased speed to market. We use industry standard antimicrobial testing methods during the development process to monitor technology effectiveness and quality assurance. Once implementation of our technology into a product is complete, we work with our partners to do random field sampling to continue antimicrobial testing and monitoring technology effectiveness.