Antimicrobial Solution Case Studies


Microban® antimicrobial solutions offer a compelling consumer benefit that many partners are pioneering. With the consolidation and big box formats that have made the current retail landscape extremely competitive, retailers are pushing manufacturers to bring new advancements and updates to their product categories.

In numerous cases, our partners have been the first to bring antimicrobial solutions to market in their respective product categories, like coolers, flooring, hardware, surfaces, and appliances. Learn more about Microban technology, and the partners we have worked, with by reading our antimicrobial solution case studies.


Microban antimicrobial solutions can be found in a number of consumer and commercial Rubbermaid products, including sink ware, coolers, and commercial high chairs. In the case of coolers, Microban technology created a customized solution that is effective against bacteria, mold, and mildew. 

Phenix Flooring

Microban and Phenix Flooring set out to develop a best-in-class carpet to meet their consumers’ needs. As a result of the engineered antimicrobial solution, Phenix’s carpet stays cleaner and fresher for longer, and meets consumer expectations for a specific look and feel.

Spectrum Brands

In partnership with IFS Coatings and Spectrum Brands, the Microban team set out to create an antimicrobial solution that would both meet the rigorous durability requirements of door hardware, and provide an added level of protection for these high touch surfaces.


With two Microban patents relating to antimicrobial technology in ceramics, Panariagroup is a longtime partner. Microban developed antimicrobial solutions that are added to the ceramic during the manufacturing process to become an integral part of the ceramic glaze.


In partnership with commercial refrigeration industry leader, Hussmann, the research and development team at Microban developed a breakthrough technology with real-world benefits. This antimicrobial solution helped Hussmann deliver a cleaner food service experience to consumers.