Mobile Workstations and Carts


Offer Partners Microbe-Resistant Workstations & Carts with our Antimicrobial Product Protection Technology

Mobile carts and healthcare workstations can be susceptible to stain causing bacteria, especially when used in multiple hospital rooms. Storing numerous articles on mobile stations and carts further increases the likelihood for uncontrolled microbial growth. With Microban's silver and zinc-based technologies, any polymer-based substrates can be infused with antimicrobial product protection for minimized product degradation and maximized lifespans.

During each stage of product development, Microban keeps partner communication channels open. Throughout planning, designing, testing and masterbatch production, Microban includes partners in development conversations. With collaborative discussions, our team is able to create an ideal antimicrobial product technology for your healthcare workstations and mobile carts. After product development ends, Microban continues assisting partners via regulatory counseling and marketing support.

Microban has the resources and expertise required to work with you to realize custom-engineered solutions for both the treated article and disinfectant or other public health applications you may require. Disinfectant and public health claims and applications will require the finished products to be registered with the EPA under FIFRA and may also require clearance as medical devices by FDA before they can be placed on the market. Treated article applications cannot claim antimicrobial protection beyond protection of the product itself from antimicrobial stains, odors and/or deterioration and is not designed to protect users against illness or as a substitute for normal cleaning or hygiene practices.