Food Storage


Get Antimicrobial Additive Product Protection for Food Storage

Food storage containers can be protected from microbial damage by Microban® solutions. Antimicrobial additive technologies are chosen to be fully compliant with regulations governing food contact safety. These antimicrobial product protection solutions are engineered to remain durable after numerous dish washings.

Our clients are included in each phase of the product development process. During the planning phase, we communicate openly with clients. Once all aspects of antimicrobial technology needs are identified, innovative engineers begin designing suitable antimicrobial additives. We experiment with a variety of formulations to identify the exact antimicrobial additive your products need to inhibit microbial growth. We ensure the proper mixture is found by testing for durability, performance and compatibility before masterbatches are produced.

Market Share Gains with Microban® Protection

Microban recently conducted market research with consumers in the market for food containers to measure the impact of Microban antimicrobial product protection on consumer purchase preference. The research included a control cell in which consumers were asked to indicate their buying preference after viewing product concepts for the three leading brands currently on shelf at major grocery stores. Features were listed as in-store, and all three brands ranged in quality and price. In the second research cell, all other variables remained constant and Microban antimicrobial protection was added as a feature for one of the leading brands.

The addition of Microban antimicrobial protection increased consumer purchase preference for that brand significantly with a +20 point shift in market share; an increase of +53% in consumer purchase preference.