Cleaning Products


Protect Cleaning Products with Antimicrobials: Sponge & Wipe Technologies

Cleaning products such as scrub brushes benefit from antimicrobial product protection. They are usually stored in a wet, warm bathroom or kitchen and can harbor microbes. The cleaning sponge is a good example and has been identified as one of the dirtiest articles in a typical kitchen. Microban's technologies can be used to implement antimicrobial wipe product protection, antimicrobial sponge product protection technologies and more. Our solutions can treat entire cleaning products, from Polymer handles to the foam of a cleaning sponge. Antimicrobial sponge product protection will serve to prevent product deterioration and unpleasant odors due to microbial presence.

Throughout all phases of product development, Microban is dedicated to partner collaboration. Our dedicated team remains communicative with partners from the start of the planning phase to the close of masterbatch production. From planning to engineering to testing for proper durability and performance, Microban keeps clients in the know. We believe it’s important to include partners in each step while antimicrobial sponge and antimicrobial wipe product protection technologies are created.