Consumer Applications

Consumer Antimicrobial Product Protection Elevates Cleanliness


Home is where you go to kick back, relax and spend time with family and friends. It’s not a place where you want to worry about stain and odor causing microbes like bacteria, mold and mildew.

Products like bathroom and kitchen sinks with antimicrobial product protection will resist hard-to-clean stains. The cured paint on your walls and the finish on your hardwood flooring will inhibit mold growth with antimicrobial product protection. From individual towels to vacuum cleaners to complete HVAC and air filtration systems, around-the-clock product protection staves off odors, stains and product deterioration. Microorganisms that come into contact with antimicrobial protected consumer products experience disrupted reproduction. Infused during the manufacturing process, Microban® product protection is engineered not to wash away or wear off over time. It is important to note although Microban technology provides resilient product protection, routine cleanings and normal hygiene practices should not be ignored. Enhance your company’s product line today with Microban built-in product protection for a fresher, cleaner consumer catalog.


Appliance housings may look clean and shiny, but they can harbor significant levels of microbes. All these can be treated with Microban antimicrobial technologies to inhibit the growth of microbe populations that can damage appliance surfaces.

Bathroom Products

Microban technologies can be added to a variety of polymers (e.g. vinyl, rubber, latex, PP, PS, ABS ) that are found in a variety of bathroom articles and can be easily molded or extruded as part of the manufacturing process.

Cleaning Products

Cleaning products such as scrub brushes benefit from antimicrobial product protection. They are usually stored in a wet, warm bathroom or kitchen and can harbor microbes.

Food Storage

Food storage containers can be protected from microbial damage by Microban® solutions. Antimicrobial additive technologies are chosen to be fully compliant with regulations governing food contact safety.

Kitchen Products

While an appliance’s surface might look clean and shiny, it can harbor significant levels of microorganisms. This is especially true when considering kitchen appliances.

Office and School Products

Office and school products such as keyboards and pens are notoriously full of microbes. Microban antimicrobial technologies can be easily incorporated into polymers to create antimicrobial pen product protection.

Personal Care

Bathrooms are typically moist and warm and can harbor significant microbial flora. Microban technologies can be added to a variety of polymers (e.g. vinyl, rubber, latex, PP, PS and ABS ) through antimicrobial masterbatch product protection.

Pet Products

Pet products such as bowls and beds are rarely cleaned. Incorporating antimicrobial solutions can create cleaner pet products. Materials commonly used in these products (PP, ABS, PVC, fabrics ) can be easily treated with Microban antimicrobial technologies.

Pool and Spa

Pool and Spa tubs are typically vacuum-formed from polymer sheets. Microban antimicrobial product protection can be added to these sheets during the manufacture and hence become a permanent part of the polymer form.

Sporting Equipment

Sporting equipment such as yoga mats and coolers are made of PP and can be incorporated with Microban antimicrobial technologies to effectively control microbial growth and odors associated with bacteria.

Vacuum Cleaners

Appliance surfaces can appear clean and shiny but are probably harboring significant levels of microbes. This is especially true with vacuum cleaners, an appliance that is made to create a cleaner atmosphere. Typical polymers used for appliances include ABS, PS and PC.

Water Filters

Having antimicrobial filter product protection inhibits the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria on the surface of the filter. Microban antimicrobial technologies can be used to treat water filtration media to control microbial growth in the filters.