Avoid Stains & Odors with Antimicrobial Product Protection Technology for Public Transportation Equipment

Common high touch surfaces in public transports such as handrails and handles are seldom cleaned. Hence, these surfaces will greatly benefit from Microban's continuous antimicrobial product protection. Infused during the manufacturing process, public transportation products and surfaces will stay cleaner between cleanings, and will enjoy powerful Microban protection throughout their useful lifetime.

Throughout each product development stage, Microban collaborates openly with partners. From planning to patent counseling, our dedicated staff works with each company to find the ideal antimicrobial product protection solution for your commercial public transportation products. After multiple additive compounds are created, Microban chemists test each solution until the best-fitting technology is identified. Diligent experimentation is carried out before masterbatch production begins, in order to guarantee proper antimicrobial efficacy, durability and performance. Even after your unique solution is approved for implementation, Microban supplies partners with regulatory and complete marketing support.