Surface Coatings


Effective Antimicrobial Surface Coating Product Protection

Microban® antimicrobial surface coating protection technologies have the capability to treat and protect a variety of surface coatings (powder coatings, lacquers, epoxies, etc.). Our uniquely engineered solutions aid in keeping these surfaces cleaner in between cleanings and protect products throughout their useful lifetime.

Active communication is essential during Microban’s product development process. Clients are encouraged to include themselves in the conversations surrounding initial planning, antimicrobial technology design and testing. Out of 20 different technologies, our engineers pinpoint the ideal antimicrobial surface product protection technology that best fits your commercial coating needs. Before initiating masterbatch production, we check for appropriate antimicrobial performance, compatibility and durability. Aside from streamlined implementation, Microban also counsels clients on patents, regulations and marketing. Transform your product line today with empowering antimicrobial surface coating technologies from Microban.