Antimicrobial Innovations in Food Processing and Packaging


Stain and Odor Resistant Packaging for Food Products

Every day, packaging for food products are subject to contamination caused by microbes spread by human contact and other food residues. While there are existing measures in place to regulate and control the contamination of food packaging and transport equipment, nearly all of these visibly clean surfaces are still susceptible to microbial growth and survival. At Microban®, we redefine ‘clean’ in the food service industry through our antimicrobial innovations in food processing and packaging materials.

Become a Leader in Innovations in Food Processing & Packaging Materials

Along with the FDA, Microban understands and recognizes the high-stakes surrounding our partners in the food service and food transport industries, which is why our antimicrobial innovations for food processing and packaging materials, like SilverShield® technology, are registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for food contact. 

While many food processing and packaging companies work to keep food-contacted equipment clean without built-in antimicrobial solutions, there are a number of variables that result in microbial attachment, survival, and growth, such as: 

  • Poor hygiene and hand washing practices by food workers or consumers 
  • Materials and packaging for food products beginning to age and are less effective in maintaining the cleanliness of food contacted surfaces
  • Human error and lapses by food industry workers 

Protect your Products with Antimicrobial Packaging for Food Products 

With Microban antimicrobial packaging for food products, products stay cleaner between washes by inhibiting the growth of bacteria that leads to stains, odors and product deterioration. 

Microban protection works continuously to make your food processing equipment easier to clean. And while Microban antimicrobial technology does work to keep packaging for food products cleaner between washes and resistant to microbial growth, it is not a substitute for normal cleaning practices and is not designed to protect users from foodborne illness. 

As standards in the food service industry continue to evolve, the use of Microban antimicrobial innovations for food processing and packaging materials will continue to meet or exceed protocols.