Protect Electronics with Solutions via Antimicrobial Keyboard Product Technology

The typical computer keyboard is one of the dirtiest items in a typical office. Seldom cleaned by housekeeping, keyboards can harbor stain-causing bacteria. Microban's antimicrobial keyboard product technologies treat keyboard materials (PS, ABS, TPE), inhibiting microbial growth to protect keyboard surfaces from stains, keeping them cleaner between cleanings.

Microban® openly collaborates with clients throughout the entire product development process. From initial planning to post masterbatch marketing support, Microban designs, tests and implements best-fitting antimicrobial keyboard product protection technologies for your company. After designing numerous formulations, our engineers identify the specific antimicrobial properties your antimicrobial keyboard technology needs to protect it from microbial growth throughout its useful lifespan. We ensure all antimicrobial solutions measure up in terms of antimicrobial efficacy, performance and product compatibility. Our clients are important to us; that’s why we also provide partners with additional support surrounding patent counseling and regulatory requirements.