Cleaning Supplies


Achieve Freshness with Antimicrobial Cleaning Product Protection

While cleaning supplies like mops and sponges help keep floors and surfaces clean, they themselves can harbor significant stain and odor causing bacteria. Sponges in particular are one of the dirtiest items in a typical household, on which stain and odor causing bacteria can grow. Microban's technologies can aid in providing antimicrobial cleaning product protection.

Microban® believes in proactive partner communication. From initial planning to post masterbatch marketing support, our dedicated engineers pinpoint the ideal antimicrobial solution to protect your company’s commercial cleaning supplies. After designing several formulations, Microban establishes which additive will supply the best antimicrobial cleaning product protection. From antimicrobial efficacy to durability to product compatibility, Microban ensures your antimicrobial technology will supply your products with lifelong protection.