Powerful Antimicrobial HVAC Technology for Ductwork

Ductwork surfaces are rarely cleaned. Microban® antimicrobial hvac technology can provide a powdered antimicrobial coating for ductwork to help protect the treated surface from stain and odor causing bacteria.

At Microban, our product development team is dedicated to including partners. We collaborate with partners during the initial planning stage of product development, as this step is crucial in creating an antimicrobial HVAC technology. While partner involvement decreases when engineers begin designing suitable antimicrobial additives, our channels of communication stay open so Microban can address any concerns and opinions. We experiment with a variety of formulations to identify the exact chemical properties your unique antimicrobial HVAC technology needs to resist microbial growth. After finding the best-fitting compound that supplies product protection, Microban conducts final testing on your antimicrobial coating We ensure your solution exhibits proper compatibility, performance and durability before masterbatch production receives the green light.