Provide Microbe-Resistant Hardwood with our Antimicrobial Flooring Product Protection

Hardwood floors might appear clean, but they can harbor microbes from food and other sources. The thin urethane top layer of hardwood floors can be treated with Microban® antimicrobial technologies to create antimicrobial flooring product protection that works continuously to inhibit the growth of stain causing microbes on the urethane layer.

Collaboration during product development is integral to success. We believe clients should be involved during each stage of product development, from initial planning to patent counseling and marketing support. That’s why we openly communicate with partners before our engineers design suitable antimicrobial additives and after final antimicrobial technology performance testing is complete. We experiment with a suitable array of formulations to identify the best mixture of chemical properties your antimicrobial flooring product protection needs to properly resist microbial growth.