Discover Forceful Antimicrobial Countertop Product Technologies

Countertops can harbor high amounts of stain-causing bacteria. Antimicrobial countertop product protection can be achieved with effective Microban® antimicrobial technologies. Our next generation antimicrobial advancements can inhibit microbial growth on these surfaces, simplifying the cleaning process and keeping them cleaner in between regular cleanings.

Our product development team is committed to collaborating with clients throughout the antimicrobial additive development process. We involve partners in open communication, from the planning phase to the designing and testing stages. Our experienced engineering team tests a multitude of possible additive mixtures to identify the precise antimicrobial properties your antimicrobial countertop product protection technology needs to resist microbial reproduction. After additive testing is complete, having checked for proper durability, compatibility and performance, Microban assists partners with patent counseling and regulatory compliance.

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