DuPontTM is recognized as a global leader in the production of materials that help to protect people. Each year, DuPont markets hundreds of products that help protect people in some of the most dangerous work environments such as law enforcement personnel, firefighters, and first responders. To help satisfy your need for cleaner air and water, DuPont has introduced a line of air and water filtration products. These products help promote cleaner air and water in your home. Everyone has the right to breathe clean air, especially in their own homes. Trust the science behind DuPont™ Home Air Filters to remove irritating particles and allergens.

DuPont™ Home Air Filters are designed to provide the best combination of high performance filtration and product protection so you can enjoy the maximum benefits of clean air in your home. Home water filters from DuPont™ Water Filtration help to provide healthier, great-tasting water that your whole family can enjoy by removing certain contaminates from water that comes from the tap, the refrigerator and even the shower. Through a partnership with Microban®, DuPont™ is able to provide air and water filters that maximize cleanliness–-allowing you to enjoy peace of mind.