Strengthening Products From The Inside Out

The kitchen continues to be a focus area for development of innovations and process improvements that ultimately help deliver a cleaner experience for consumers. Fabrinox, an innovator in the stainless steel finishing industry, has partnered with Microban® to incorporate ZPTech® antimicrobial technology into their designer line of kitchen tools and cutlery. Fabrinox creates a minimalist design aesthetic infused with ideas, expressions and reminders to inspire joyful living. Thanks to the addition of powerful Microban technology, Fabrinox kitchen tools stay cleaner in between cleanings and are protected from the harmful growth of stain and odor causing bacteria, mold, and mildew throughout their useful lifetime.

Unlike topical applications, ZPTech technology is incorporated into the product during the manufacturing process, so it remains effective even if an object is nicked, scratched or abraded during use.

Fabrinox is an India based brand of Dharam Stainless, one of the India’s leading stainless steel converters. Dharam Stainless is known for quality, quantity and timely delivery.