Namaste All Day with Odor Resistant Clothing

A yoga class can be one of the most serene places in the world -- the relaxing meditation music, lavender oils, and deep, slow breaths in and out. But how zen is your warrior pose when all you can focus on is the stench coming from your athleisurewear? No matter how often you wash your clothes, sweat happens and with sweat eventually comes stink. That’s why our team at Microban® works with athleisure wear and yoga apparel partners to create odor resistant clothing, so you can namaste all day. 

Work Up a Sweat and Stay Fresh with Odor Control Fabric 

Body odor continues to be an issue in synthetic fabrics, like those exact materials found in your activewear and athleisure apparel. So, before we can understand how to control this odor, let’s break down where the odor is generated. 

The 2 Culprits of Body Odor: Skin Flora + Sweat 

  1. Bacterial Skin Flora – An element that covers the human body from head to toe, both on and inside of us. In fact – there are more than 8 trillion bacterial skin flora on the human body! 
  2. Sweat – Our bodies can produce a lot of sweat, and it is a fuel for water lipids, fatty acids, proteins, sugars, water, and electrolytes. The human body can produce up to 10 liters of sweat per day, depending on the amount of activity!

Together, sweat and bacterial skin flora work to create the body odors that linger on your apparel. Without getting overly scientific, these odors have higher molecular weights, which build up on synthetic fabrics like your athleisurewear more often than other types of fabrics. This frequent build-up odor is exactly why Microban has worked with our partners to custom engineer a variety of odor resistant clothing and odor control fabrics. 

Understanding the Need for Odor Resistant Clothing 

By virtue, the odors created by bacterial skin flora and sweat are difficult to remove during washing – especially on synthetic fabrics. Overtime, these odors build up and saturate the fibers’ surface, creating a persistent odor that we call a “permastink.” As a result, our partners often tell us that their consumers discard garments before the end of their useful life solely based on the garment’s unpleasant smell. 

In today’s apparel market, most activewear and athleisurewear are made out of synthetic fiber (AKA – your yoga pants and workout leggings are prone to stink & odors). Further, in the US alone, 90% of consumers are wearing their activewear beyond exercise as casual clothing and leisure apparel. 

With consumers wearing athleisurewear for more than just exercise, odor resistant clothing has become a top objective for current and future apparel textiles. 

Stretch Out the Freshness with Odor Resistant Clothing 

From sports bras, yoga pants, and workout tank tops to running shorts, athletic socks, and jerseys, Microban works with our partners to create custom odor control fabric solutions for all types of athleticwear and athleisurewear. 

One of our leading odor control technologies is ZPTech® for textiles. Aside from its obvious benefit of fighting harsh and unwanted odors, ZPTech is: 

  • Easy to Use 
  • Globally Approved (EPA registered, bluesign approved, ECHA BPR approved)
  • Extends the Useful Life of Apparel 
  • Compatible with Auxiliaries 
  • Has Multiple Applications 

Eliminate Odors at the Source - ZPTech® for Textiles

During the production process, fibers are infused with our ZPTech technology. When microbes and odors are transferred to the treated fibers, the ZPTech technology starves the odor producing bacteria, and the bacteria membrane breaks down and is unable to survive. In recent ZPTech testing, our Microban treated odor resistant clothing remained effective in inhibiting the growth of bacteria and harsh odors after 50 or more typical home launderings.

Sweat happens, and so do odors, but the stink doesn’t have to with Microban odor control fabrics. If you are interested in learning more about a partnership with Microban or how ZPTech can work seamlessly with your athleisurewear to provide protection from unpleasant odors, contact us today