Household Odor Control Technology

There are many applications for home odor control technology to combat the daily wear and tear that can begin to degrade products and cause malodorous scents to develop with continual use. By adding a home odor control solution to common household products, consumers see the immediate benefits of reduced surface bacteria which can cause unappealing odors.

We showcase several household environments where even Microban’s best odor control technology is up for a challenge:

Home Odor Control for Bathrooms

Perhaps the most moist and humid household environment, the bathroom provides the perfect conditions for bacteria to flourish. On unprotected surfaces without household odor control, like sink faucets, toilet seats, soap dispensers and even toothbrush holders, microbes can double in number every twenty minutes.

Microban’s household odor control technologies are designed to be integrated into products during the manufacturing process. Built into the actual product itself, these antimicrobial and odor control technologies allow for continual protection against common bacteria like yeast, mold, and fungi that cause stains and odors.

Home Odor Control for Bedrooms

Nearly one third of our lives are spent in bed sleeping. This means that bedrooms are another hotspot environment for stain and odor-causing bacteria. Prime surfaces for this bacterial growth are pillows, mattresses, mattress pads, and rugs.

At Microban, we work with product developers and manufacturers to design the best odor control technology for your product applications. Added during the manufacturing process makes the home odor control technology a permanent part of the product, preventing bacteria in everyday bedroom items from growing and reproducing.

Home Odor Control for Kitchens

Often where families spend most of their time together, the kitchen has numerous surfaces that are ripe for bacterial spreading and growth that can cause odors to linger. From stove-tops to sink mats to cutting boards, kitchen products without household odor control technology can harbor malodorous mold and mildew. For example, a new study found that kitchen sponges contain 10 million bacteria per square inch.

We work with your team to develop compatible household odor control solutions for your products and help secure the necessary regulatory approvals and patent counseling to go to market.

To learn more about Microban’s best odor control technologies for household applications, contact us today.