AEGIS Vesta: New Textile Innovation

One of the first durable quat silane-based antimicrobial technologies that can be pad applied on woven and knitted cotton and polyester fabrics.

Our textiles research team recently rolled out a new antimicrobial technology, AEGIS Vesta, one of the first durable quat silane based antimicrobial odor control solutions that can be pad applied on woven and knitted cotton and polyester home textiles.

With improved moisture management, an AEGIS Vesta treated cotton fabric will absorb moisture 20 times faster than conventional quat silane antimicrobial technologies. Additionally, AEGIS Vesta can withstand high temperature washes, including some hospitality settings, for up to 50 home launderings.

AEGIS Vesta is directly applied as a durable finish on the textile during the manufacturing process. When bacteria come into contact with the treated surface, it is punctured, preventing bacteria from growing and reproducing. As a quat silane-based technology, BPB testing can confirm the presence of AEGIS Vesta on treated fabric in minutes, whether at a manufacturing site or a laboratory testing facility.

To learn more about AEGIS Vesta, read on in the infographic below or contact Microban today.

Aegis Vesta Infographic Final 051719 mtime20190602080628