Discover how AEGIS Microbe Shield® antimicrobial technology can deliver 24/7 surface protection for an added level of cleanliness in any environment.

Endless Surface Protection Applications With AEGIS®

AEGIS Microbe Shield® has been applied to high traffic surfaces in a wide array of environments to provide an additional level of antimicrobial surface protection. This permanent nanoscopic shield will remain full strength 24/7 to protect the surface itself. Suggested applications include doorknobs, shared technology, elevators, handrails, and other high-touch surfaces subject to heavy use and wear and tear. AEGIS® surface protection technology is used by public transportation agencies like Metrolinx, to inhibit the growth of odor and stain causing bacteria on their buses and trains.

Around the world, buildings, educational facilities, sports arenas and workplace environments are protected with AEGIS® technology.

Once applied to a workstation for example, treated surfaces will benefit from enduring antimicrobial surface protection. AEGIS® technology attaches to textiles, like carpets and upholstery, and provides ongoing surface protection once applied. This application will keep fabrics fresh without the use of harmful chemicals.

AEGIS® can also provide 24/7 enduring antimicrobial protection to surfaces such as ducts, air mixing units, heating and cooling generators used to improve HVAC-air quality products.

AEGIS® antimicrobial surface protection can used in a variety of commercial environments, including:

  • Retail and other mercantile facilities
  • Warehouse and distribution facilities
  • Service facilities
  • Office facilities
  • Hotel or motel facilities
  • Shopping centers
  • Department stores
  • Health care facilities
  • Education and care facilities
  • Recreational and sports facilities
AEGIS Surface Protection Airplane Application

AEGIS® for Commercial Environments

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Medical Clinics and Facilities

Controlling the growth of odor and stain-causing mold, mildew, bacteria and fungi within medical clinics has never been easier. Facilities applying AEGIS® to surfaces will benefit from enduring antimicrobial surface protection. AEGIS Microbe Shield® is an additional residual surface treatment which supplements ongoing cleaning protocols.

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Educational Facilities

The first day of class has never felt so fresh and clean. AEGIS Microbe Shield treated surfaces found in Daycare Facilities, Schools, Colleges and Universities make us all more excited about going back to school. Soft and hard surfaces with AEGIS surface protection technology resist odor, deterioration, and stains caused by bacteria, mold, and mildew are things of the past. AEGIS has a history of safe use and does not replace normal cleaning practices. This application does not protect against disease-causing pathogens.

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Leisure & Recreation Facilities

Everyone knows how stinky fitness centers, gyms, and locker rooms can get. AEGIS® is ready to protect and preserve surfaces for patrons 24/7. AEGIS® is combined with existing daily cleaning protocols to provide the best possible clean, making surfaces up to 99% cleaner, between regular cleanings, based on tested bacteria. Indoor turf and artificial grass run high on the list of dirtiest places in a recreation facility. It is typically hidden away from the cleansing UV rays provided by the sun. AEGIS Microbe Shield® is a powerful way to achieve enduring antimicrobial product protection for artificial turf, helping it to stay cleaner for longer.

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AEGIS® for Transportation

AEGIS Microbe Shield® will keep surfaces across all forms of transport cleaner. The invisible and odorless coating will not affect performance nor the appearance of these high use areas and can even be used on more delicate areas like touch screens. With AEGIS® you can offer up more than traditional cleaning protocols. You can now deliver continuous antimicrobial product protection. Using AEGIS® in transportation settings can be part of a prevention protocol to increase cleanliness and inhibit the growth of odor and stain-causing mold, mildew, bacteria and fungi. AEGIS® eases a great pain point by improving cleanliness of products used in the transportation of people, products, foods and crops.

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Both soft and hard surfaces can be treated in the following environments:

  • Buses
  • Marine transportation
  • Trains
  • Elevators
  • Conveyor transportation
  • Aviation/space

AEGIS® Surface Protection is based on years of indoor environmental problem-solving work, extensive microbiological testing and a unique chemistry that durably bonds to surfaces and won’t wash off or dissipate into the air. AEGIS® contains no heavy metals, formaldehyde or phenols. It has been safely used in environments for over 40 years.

AEGIS® products are sold worldwide. The data provided on our website serves exclusively as a source of general information. Due to regulatory differences, not all of the information provided on our pages is valid in all countries or regions. Please work directly with Microban to develop claims and marketing materials for specific regions.