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Why Should You Use Microban® For Antimicrobial Product Protection?

  • Leading Ingredient Brand--The Microban brand is the global leader in built-in antimicrobial protection – with brand awareness levels that rival those of other ingredient brands such as, Intel®, Gore-Tex® and Lycra®.
  • Value Creation--Microban partners have successfully leveraged the Microban brand to grow their businesses by improving their pricing leverage, gaining or defending market share despite competing antimicrobial companies, improving product mix and securing new distribution.
  • Increased Purchase Interest--In a recent Gallup poll, 75% of consumers reported they prefer to purchase products with antimicrobial protection.  Desirable products like these can be achieved with help from antimicrobial companies like Microban.
  • Exclusivity--Unlike other antimicrobial companies, Microban partners frequently enjoy category and/or territory exclusivity.
  • High Return on Investment--When compared with alternative value creation strategies such as increased advertising, line extensions and new product launches, incorporating Microban antimicrobial protection in your products is a high return on investment opportunity.
  • Retailer Familiarity--Retailers around the world recognize the power of the Microban brand. Our partners are leveraging this recognition to bring value to their consumers and their retail partners.
  • Complete Solution--Microban provides you with turnkey support including technical development, regulatory assistance, patent counsel and marketing support.
  • Technology Neutral--The Microban brand understands the importance of antimicrobial companies and their technologies, implementing the latest expert-grade processes and machines to supply our partners with unmatched solutions.
  • Low Risk--Over 250 smart companies are leveraging the Microban brand as an important point of differentiation to help grow their businesses. 
  • Partner Satisfaction--Microban wins when our partners win, so we’re dedicated to providing all of our partners with the support they need to succeed.